Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yesterday was a very busy day. We woke up and ended up taking Abby to the medical clinic. She has not been feeling well at all since we got here. The doctor confirmed yesterday that she has tonsillitis and has to rest for up to 3 to 4 days along with taking four different medications 3 times a day. So during the day she has mostly been sleeping in the apartment. Hopefully she will be fully up and going again by next week. Some prayers for healing would be great.

After getting back from the clinic, we had Polo take us to get some groceries and other little things we needed. We also stopped at Anise to eat because we were starving and of all people sitting out on the patio, Joanna was there working. So we sat and had breakfast with her. We then went back to the apartment, climbed the five flights of stairs, sweating profusely by then. Then, back down the five flights of stairs and took off to the TLC center.

At the TLC center, we had a little birthday party for Alice, who is their administrative intern, but she is leaving on Saturday. She had bought cupcakes from Bloom, the place we had pictures of cakes from, and all the girls loved them. Peirome decided he was going to savor his and took 20 minutes just to lick the icing off the top, and ended up not even finishing it because it was so much sugar. We played a game with the girls that they taught us and there was a bunch of laughing and squealing going on. We hope to offically start our art projects starting Sunday after Summer talks with the staff and translators.

Afterwards we went with Joanna to get massages at a well respected spa that Summer recomended. Best massages ever! They are super cheap here and we each only paid 14 dollars. We are roughing it, I know.

Another wonderful perk of Cambodia is they have movies for dirt cheap. We bought the entire Gossip Girl series, seasons 1-3 for Abby to watch and another movie for only $22.00.

This country and its people has such a charm of its own. We have all completely fallen in love with it.

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