Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good news! My mom made it home safe and sound. I just talked to her over skype and she just sounded like she needed some good sleep. Which is understandable.

Yesterday was another busy day. It seems as if the days just fly by here. We ventured out of our typical Anise breakfast and tried this place called The Deli. It was a very good choice. Both Abby and I had omelet's, best omelet ever.

We ran some more errands, the bank, and then to get the paint for the counselors room project.

I had an interesting experience down at the riverfront. Abby and I went down there to just check it out and explore. It's absolutely beautiful, a long stone wall overlooking a wide river. Although this experience I'm about to explain put a gloom on the beauty of the riverfront. So, Abby and I were sitting outside at a table just drinking our waters that we had ordered because it was unbelievably hot. A couple young boys with huge baskets full of DVDs came over to our table trying to bribe us into buying their "good price" movies. Well, we didn't notice this, but this is what we are 99% sure what happened. All the boys were really close to the table and one of them put the basket halfway over the table. He must have slipped his hand under his basket and snatched my phone that was sitting on the table. Yeah, I got my phone that was lended to me by TLC stolen here. Perfect. No worries though, Summer let me use an extra phone they had at the center and I'm just going to pay them for the stolen phone. Good times in Cambodia.

The project we did with the girls yesterday was a fun one. We had Polo take us to flower street and we picked out 20 different kinds of flowers. After we got to TLC we explained to the girls that we were painting flowers. We had each girl pick a flower and paint the flower, then explain why they chose that flower, what attracted them to it. The girls never cease to amaze us and painted some of the most gorgeous flowers I have ever seen. One that stands out to me the most was one of the girls beautifully wrote why she chose her flower. She had picked a yellow rose and said something to the fact of "I chose this flower because it is yellow and yellow represents friendship. Before I came to TLC I was flat, but now I am at TLC I am like this flower, fresh, happy, and full of friendship." The most beautiful words I have ever heard. Amazing.

James, Athena, and David all get here on Sunday. I am so exctied for them to get here.


  1. Kaytlyn & Abby,

    Sounds like everything is going really well, aside from 7 days of IV's for Abby. Hope you're feeling much better. Take heart that you are doing amazing work with these girls, and truly exposing them to the fruits of the Spirit. You are planting seeds of joy that will flourish for a lifetime.

    Well done. Glad I'm all caught up on your trip and looking forward to the next entry.

    Take care.


  2. Give some extra hugs to those TLC girls from me, AP, and Cana (oh, and some from Wake). We'll have to get him a passport ASAP so that he can come visit.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I love the projects you are doing with the girls!