Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hey everyone! So, we have officially been in Cambodia since yesterday and we have been quite busy since we have gotten here.

Transitions head intern, Summer,their legal intern, Joanna, and one of the girls nephews, Peirome (sp?) (by the way, the cutest 6 year old boy ever) came and picked us up from the airport yesterday. We arrived at our apartment, which by the way is wonderful (besides climbing five flights of steps to get up to.) It has one bedroom, 2 bathroom, one small kitchen, and one huge covered patio. The patio is absolutely incredible. It's larger than the entire apartment and overlooks the city. I will put up pictures up soon.

After getting settled Joanna took us around town and we bought little things for the apartment and art supplies for the projects we will be doing with the girls. For those who don't know, we will essentially be doing art therapy with the girls in different forms. Paint, oil pastels, colored pencil, paper collage, etc. Each time we will have a session with them we will give them a prompt such as "Using paint, paint your favorite flower."

For me, this city has been so refreshing because it shows so much hope. Yesterday we also visited a store called Daughters, which is a store that rehabilitated girls are given an opportunity to have a job by making clothes. They also just recently opened a coffee shop on the second floor of the store too. The clothes they make are beautiful and quite contemporary, something you could easily wear back in the U.S. This is actually a dream of mine to eventually start too, so it was encouraging to see it in a thriving form. There is also a cafe across the street called Bloom that specializes in gourmet cupcakes and cakes that are also made by rehabilitated girls. These cakes will blow your mind.

Now today we actually got to meet the girls at the Transition's home. The girls come home from school for lunch and so we hung out there a couple hours while they were there. They painted our nails and made us lunch. Many of them were very shy and were hesitant to use the little English they know around us. So mostly is was a bunch of smiles, pointing, and one word interactions. Nonetheless is was just wonderful to be in their presence. We are also going back tomorrow for lunch just to hang out. In a couple days we are hopefully going to start our art activities.

Now we are just hanging out, cooling off at the apartment. The jet lag is getting to all of us I'm pretty sure. Abby is actually asleep in the bedroom. We are off to yoga with the girls soon though. Sorry this post is so long, but so much has happened in such a little amount of time.

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