Saturday, June 12, 2010

We just landed in Seattle and I'm slowly starting to feel all these crazy time changes. As I write this I'm pretty sure Abby is falling asleep waiting here in the terminal. Lucky Abby, on the last flight she got to sit next to a good looking man. I think that made her flying experience more enjoyable.

Now were just waiting in the terminal for our flight Taipei which leaves at 2:10 am. It's 11:45 pm here, so we still have a while. A huge panera sandwich sounds delicious right now, I'm starving.

I am definitely looking forward to this next flight though. Bigger seats, food served to you, and unlimited movies. That's my kinda flight. If only we had a kajillion dollars and could fly in first class. Seriously, those guys are basically sitting in a five star hotel up there.

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