Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's only 10:15 here and it's already steaming hot. We have created a morning ritual, eating at Anise for breakfast and getting on the computer because their internet here is super speedy.

Yesterday we printed off coloring pages off the computer, got them printed, and took them to the center for the girls to color. They were pictures of flowers and butterflys and were a huge success. Each girl was very particular about what colors they chose and a couple of them gave us their pages. I will put pictures of them up later. A highlight of mom's day was one of the girls gave her a gift. She came out with a box and a bow on top of it, and inside was a snowman that said Merry Christmas. This is now the best Christmas decoration that we could ever have.

A funny quirk that Cambodia has is every street sells one thing. For example, one street sells sheets, another sells motos (scooters), one sells greeting cards. So shopping is really easy here, all you have to do is say what you want and you get an entire street full.

Abby now has to get an IV everyday for the next 7 days because she could not swallow and is unable to take the pills she was given. When we go to the clinic, it takes about 30 min for the I.V. and then she is able to go back to the apt. Gloria, the person who runs the clinic is hilarious. She is from Australia and has a thick accent. She tells it like it is and does not hold back on her words. She is so full of knowledge medically and culturaly. Her stories kept laughing until our sides hurt.

We now have a pet at the apartment. It is a gecko, and we named him Tiny. He is so tiny you can miss him, he hangs out on our patio. I have tried to get a picture of him but he is so quick.


  1. Sounds like a great trip so far, Kaytlyn. I will keep Abby in prayer. It's definitely something standing in the way of her doing the Lord's work. So pray against it with the mentality that you guys don't have time for the illness -- you have work to do ;).

    I'm jealous that you're over there. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks Andy :) I appreciate your prayers. Hope your doing well!