Saturday, June 26, 2010

Abby's documentation getting sick in Cambodia

The Riverfront

The Riverfront... again

Picking flowers for our flower project with the girls.

One of the girls future project

Abby and Phirum

Phirum helping us out, his hands are all of the leaves on the flowers. He got his own flower too

She was squirming

After we painted it blue, but this is our before shot

Not completely finished, final aftershot tomorrow


  1. In a world filled with young people who think of nothing but themselves, it's a joy and a pleasure to see the wonderful work you are doing. I know that your parents must be so proud of you.

  2. That wall is awesome. Definitely full of joy. I'm sure the girls will love looking at it and thinking of you two helping them create such a beautiful picture.

  3. Yeah it was kinda strange though because I didn't have anyone dripping paint on me. Hint Hint Andy

  4. What a great project! Looks beautiful.