Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mom and Joanna at Anise having some breakfast

One of the girls learned how to make napkin art

Cambodian fruit (It's actually pretty good)

Me riding in the tuk tuk


  1. Kaylyn,
    Thanks for your wonderful updates. We are enjoying taking the trip with you. Healing prayers for Abby and love to all. Hiiiii LaDeana!!

  2. Hey kiddo! I forgot about this blog until just now, so I caught up! I'm so glad you guys are enjoying the experience (prayers for Abby) and can't wait to see how the art therapy goes. LOVE THE BLOG and will follow everyday now.

    We love you!
    todd and catie

  3. Kaytlyn-

    It has been so great to meet you and spend time with you in Cambodia. I am loving the blog and really enjoying reading about your perspective of every day life here. You're adorable. Excited for the next few weeks!

  4. Diane- Thank you :) and my mom says she misses you! I miss you too.

    Catie-Love you guys too!

    Joanna- I just love you. Thank goodness your here.

  5. Love the pictures! It looks like a beautiful place.