Monday, June 28, 2010

We now only have one week left of our trip starting today. It truly has gone by so fast.

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. We woke up and went to breakfast at Anise as usual. Abby and I decided to go in search of fabric because Joanna told us about this great place that will make any type of clothing you want if you just buy the fabric and show them a picture, for only around $8. That was an experience of its own, one lady tried to rip us off and obviously thought that Americans can't bargain or divide. Well I proved her wrong after ten minutes of arguing and me handing her the right amount of cash and walking away. Finally though, our fabric mission was successful.

Our project yesterday was a fun one. We had the girls rip up paper into tiny pieces and make a collage of those pieces into a face. It was supposed to be their own face, but with the neon colors you have to have a little bit of an imagination. For those of you that are having trouble visualizing this I'll have some pictures up later. At first the girls had trouble grasping this concept but once they did they took it and ran. Some girls did really little pieces, some ripped long strips to make hair. Phirum made a really big head with spiky pink hair and a little body. This really showed different personalities throughout the girls. Some were very particular what colors they used and each face was different.

Dinner with everyone last night was a blast. Good food, great conversation, and wonderful friends make a fulfilled night. I am blessed to be surrounded by people who have been called to the same cause.

Today I have a specific prayer request. One of our girls is testifying today against her perpetrator and I pray for bravery. The Cambodian court system is almost non existent. Judges do not have to go to school to be a judge, they can just pay their way through the system. Lawyers show up when they want, or not at all. It's such a broken system. Pray for structure today. Joanna is actually going to the court today to observe and support. Also, we have heard that a caucasion presence can be quite intimidating to the judge, so we are hoping for that too.

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