Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today is a new day and the sun is shining.

Yesterday, as you guys know my mom left to go back home. It was a sad morning, we all wanted her to stay longer. Personally, I am so glad she came on this trip to experience what triggered my heart for justice. After hearing about my experiences from the trips I have taken for two years, she now was able to live out what I explained. Her and my dad have sacrificed for me because of these trips and I am so proud of her for taking a leap of faith to act on her love for justice.

The girls absolutely love her. Her fun personality and caring heart attract the girls to her like a magnet. God definitely gave her the gift to love.

After my mom left, Abby and I went for some lunch at our favorite place Anise. Seriously, we are there a lot. All the staff know us and what our favorite drinks are. Leaving there we did a lot of errands. We went to the computer store, the grocery, and a couple places to shop.

Abby had her last IV yesterday and she is more than ecstatic to announce she is never going back there. We took a picture of her with Gloria and her doctor just to
document the traumatizing experience.

The project we did with the girls last night was successful. Our prompt was, using colored pencil and regular pencil draw your favorite activity. Examples: yoga, karaoke, school, dancing. Some of the girls understood what we meant and some of the girls went a different direction with the prompt. We came into it knowing we had to be flexible so it was really okay. For some of the girls that did it differently it actually turned out really well. Some drew where they would like to go, or symbols of themselves. One of the girls drew a tree and said that represented her, strong. So cool.

Today we are going to have more of a relaxing day. After yesterday running around like crazy both Abby and I are pretty tired. We're just going to go get paint for a project Summer asked us to do this weekend with the girls. We're going to paint the wall in the counseling room and have the girls put their hand prints on it creating a picture. We think were going to make their hands the flowers. Then tonight another project with the girls.

Pray for the girls to be able to understand clearly and able to concentrate on their projects. Have them understand that this is solely for themselves and do not let them get frustrated. They have done so well so far.

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