Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our day yesterday wasn't a very exciting one until James, Athena, David, and Ben got here. It probably was a good thing though because we have been running around like crazy since we have gotten here.

Our funny highlights of the day though were...

Abby and I met Summer at church because Summer was reading a verse during the service. The service started at 10 and Abby and I were skidding in at 9:58. We didn't think it would be a big deal and we would be able to just slip into service unnoticed, because last week when we went there were more than a couple seats empty. We quietly walk up to the door and immediately stop because the entire church was packed. Ironically a group of 40 students from Australia are visiting and decided to come to the exact same church as we go to. A lady walked up and said I think there are some seats down and to the right around the corner. As we were walking down to the "empty seat" section they were doing worship, and Abby and I were standing out like sore thumbs walking down the main aisle. Confused, Abby and I didn't see this "empty seat section" we saw yet another section packed with Australian students. Now we were completely at a loss what to do and were awkwardly standing at the front of the church during worship. Thank goodness these two guys got up and gave us their seats. Such a gentlemen thing to do. Except when one tried to sit down on the extra drum set stool, he fell backwards off the stool, hit the cymbal and also another drum in the process. Abby and I couldn't contain ourselves and started busting out laughing. What a way to start off our morning.

While sitting at this cafe with Joanna for lunch we noticed a women sitting at a table across from us. She seemed to be in distress but we couldn't figure out why, nor did we want to because her wearing no bra was a major turn off. During the hour period we sat at lunch she snapped at the tuk driver watching his TV show on his phone, telling him it was too loud and to stop. She also yelled at the waitress because her food was taking too long. Then she gave us the evil eye when James walked up and we all squealed, giving him lots of hugs. That sent her over the edge, snapping for the waitress for the check. I think she was having a good day.

After our funny not eventful day we met up with James, Athena, Dave, Ben, Summer, and Joanna at this Indian restaurant called Shiva Shakti. Rightfully so Dave seemed a little delusional and laughed at everything we said. Not sleeping for 48 hours doesn't suit him well. The food was delicious though and everyone had a really good time. Although, Dave ordered 9 baskets of bread, so we had more than enough left over. It was really nice to have a hearty meal with lots of friends.

Congrats to Todd and Catie Bretz! Colten Isaiah was finally born! I don't think they even know that I know. Thank goodness for facebook. I already told Todd and Catie I'm adopting him as my nephew. I'm going to spoil him like no other. I can't wait to meet him. Todd and Catie, your going to be such great parents.

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