Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wow it feels good out right now. It just rained which always cools things down thank goodness.

Starting with yesterday. We had breakfast with Dave, Ben, Summer, James, and Athena for a going away breakfast for Dave and Ben. They had a really short trip and left yesterday.

We spent most of the day rinsing, drying, washing, then drying again all of the tye dye t-shirts that the girls did. Yeah it was a really long process with our little tiny washer that sounds like it's going to explode when it spins.

We had torrential rains here yesterday and lots of flooding. Cambodia doesn't have a very good draining system. Abby and I decided not to go to the center because of the rain, we still needed to finish the tye dye shirts, and the center is quite a drive away from our apartment. So of course instead, we called our tuk driver Polo because we were really craving frappachinos. We also decided we were going to get a manicure and pedicure since it was raining and their was nothing else to do. It's a weird thought process I know. Polo pulls up and we run out to the tuk. It basically just looked like we took a shower. The water is spraying up on the side of our tuk because the water is so deep. After picking up Joanna we went to Gloria Jeans to get the frapachinos. I step out of the tuk and the water is over my ankles. While trying to lift my foot out of the water I lose my flip flop and it starts floating down the Cambodian street river. This police man/traffic director sprints after it and saves it for me. We really wanted this coffee. The manicures and pedicures were delightful also.

We decided to try this place called the Ally Cat for dinner. It has really good Mexican food. It was kind of sketchy though because it actually was down this alley. Oh well, what else can you expect here.

After eating still our stomachs were about to bust we all wanted to check out this night market that we kept hearing about. This place was lots of fun. It was open air with a stage in the center that guessing by all the people laughing, there was a comedian on the stage. Honestly to me it just sounded like a bunch of loud jibberish. Compared to Russian Market this place was heaven. There were a lot of clothing booths, jewelery booths, and houseware items. It was refreshing to just be able to get out and walk in the cool air.

This morning Abby and I headed to the center to do our last project with the girls and finish the wall. The wall looks great. Our final touches were the hand butterflies that the remaining girls did. I'm really sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it. I will post a picture by Monday though. This last project was about the girls expressing words that explained themselves. They had to trace their hands and in each finger write something they like about themselves. A lot of the girls had a hard time with this one. It's weird for them to soley be focused on themselves for once. After thinking about it though, many of the words were, loving, friendly, good friend, good student. It makes me happy to know that these girls are to a place where they can realize these things about themselves. After the project we just hung out spending time with all of them. There was lots of loud music and lots of dancing going on. Fun times.

This story I'm about to tell is probably one of the funniest stories since we have been here, and there have been a lot. So Joanna had been working at Java Cafe since early this morning. She had seen this cockroach flipped on its back struggling for a couple minutes and assumed it had died. We get to Java to meet her and she tells us this story of seeing the coachroach. Abby freaks out because where it was before was right next to her chair. It wasn't there anymore so Joanna and I just said "Oh I'm sure it's just under the chair or something". Reassured, Abby sat back down and continued writing in her journal. I walk up to pay for my smoothie and say to Joanna "I'll be ready once I pay." When I come back and sit down Joanna gets her computer case out of her bag and this huge bug scurries out. We both realize at the same time that it is "the cockroach" and scream, jumping up on the couchs. The timing of this is perfect too because it's around lunch and the cafe is packed. Joanna and I are still screaming, I'm jumping from couch to couch to get away from this beast, and everyone is staring at us. Great. One of tuk drivers must have seen us freaking out through the big window and ran inside to help us. He starts beating the cockroach with his hat and the entire cafe is still staring at us. Finally, the thing dies and is swept into the garbage. We thank him repeatly as he goes back outside laughing. Not one of our better moments. At least now we can laugh about it.


  1. So this is close to you last post I would assume. Absolutely loved reading this blog and we are so proud of you! Get back soon so we can hear all about the trip.

  2. I can't wait to see you guys and thank you. :)