Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello from Taiwan.... again. Abby and I have claimed ourselves a spot on the airport floor to camp out for a 5 hour layover. Woo good times. Abby is pretty frustrated though that she can't find a decent snack to eat besides dumplings. So instead, we got a water and a coke.

I'm pretty sure we just saw the male Taiwan version of Brittany Spears. Long blond hair with nasty grown out roots and a black undertone. Man I love Taiwan.

The flight here wasn't too bad, we basically just slept the entire way. The only time we woke up was to eat some yummy airplane food. I'm just relieved we were able to check our bags. My bag felt like it weighed as much as my body weight and I prayed it wouldn't be overweight and God answered my prayer. It was barely under.

So cute story of the day. Because our apartment was on the fifth floor, Abby, Joanna, and I were afraid to take all of our bags down the stairs without breaking ourselves or something else. We grabbed a couple guys from outside and we paid them to take our bags down. One dollar each, no big deal. The little boy who's parents own the apartment building offered to help too. He can't be no more than 8 and he's a sweetheart. After we were all finished carrying the bags downstairs we gave a dollar to each of the men. I went up to the little boy and thanked him for helping and handed him his dollar. You would have thought he won the lottery. He had the biggest smile and got really shy. I would say that's a good note to end Cambodia on.

Well. Hopefully the time goes quickly so we can get settled on our next flight with some good movies.

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