Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July everyone! It definitely didn't feel like it here.

Joanna, Abby, and I had a 4th of July that consisted of going to a pool and hanging out for most of the day. This one pool that Joanna really wanted us to go to is under construction so we asked the man there if he knew of any other pools that we could go to. He mentioned a pool that was only $5 to get into so we grabbed a tuk and went there. Just from the road you would have never known it was a hotel/pool. At first we thought we were at the wrong place. As soon as we walked up to the gate though, a man opened it and revealed this small resort like property. The pool was toward the back and it had chairs to lay on and a little poolside resturant to grab a bite to eat. It was refreshing to see something so "normal."

We met this awesome family at the pool that was from London. This lady, her husband, her two sons, and her daughter are traveling the world for 3 months. Some of the places they are going to are, Cambodia (obviously), Australia, Fiji and California. How awesome is that? When I have a family someday, I want to do something like that.

After relaxing at the pool for 3 hours, not shocking, it started to rain, so we called it quits. Abby was super tired and we dropped her off at our apartment to take a nap while Joanna and I decided to get foot and shoulder massages.

Later on, we met up with James, Athena, and Summer for dinner at this Thai place called Setsara. It was super good. I had Pah Thai, which is now my favorite Thai dish.

Today seemed to go by really fast. I mean, you guys get to celebrate Fourth of July American style, and we get to celebrate it Cambodian style.

Tomorrow is going to be a really sad day. Our last day with the girls, our last day with Polo as our driver, and our last full day to spend with Joanna. I'm really going to miss this place. Although, I know there are great things in store for me after I leave here and I have no doubt that I will be back. It's amazing though how close we have become to these people in three short weeks.

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