Thursday, July 1, 2010

Us staying at Joanna's hotel room is going 4 days steady now. It's nice to hang out with good friends after the chaos of a foreign city.

Yesterday night we tye dyed t-shirts with the girls as just a fun activity to do. It was pure madness when we first explained it. It was a long skinny room with two black sheets on the floor, all the girls, the staff, two translators, and us. Yeah, a little packed. At first the girls did not understand what exactly we were doing. This tye dye nonsense was pretty strange to them. But once we explained and got them settled down they really enjoyed it. The staff was fun to watch too, they were just as excited as the girls. The girls could choose from three designs, stripes, a swirl, or a bulls eye. Some of them chose to use all of the colors and others were particular about what colors they chose and where they put them. Since it was so hectic we decided to put each of the girls shirts in a bag with their name on it for us to take with us to wash.

Joanna had seen this sign for Italian next to Java, one of our favorite cafes. So for dinner we decided to check it out and see what it was. Best decision ever. We were seated in a cabana like table outside. We just lounged at the dinner table, how awesome is that. There was a fan blowing right on us and the outside lighting gave it a warm glow. Each of of got a different dish so we could have a bit of each others. The food was to die for. That place might be our going away dinner location.

This morning we got up and decided to go to a place called Gloria Jean's (obviously owned by an American with that name) that Athena had suggested. I was in heaven. They had all kinds of coffee. Well, not "real coffee", but chai tea, white chocolate mocha, and caramel frappachino. Ah, a little taste of home.

The majority of the time during the day today was the rinsing, drying, washing in the washer, and drying again of the tye dye shirts. I'm pretty sure my hands are raw from that dye. The shirts look adorable though, and I'm sure the girls are going to love them.

Joanna had a nice surprise today, she got a package from her boyfriend. Abby and I were just as excited as she was, just because she was so excited.

On the way back from picking Joanna's package from the post office we had Polo drive by this building called the Anarchy Building. This building is a 5 story tall, between a quarter of a mile to half a mile long brothel. This building is absolutely dirty and disgusting and crumbling apart. Some of our girls from the TLC center are from there. This building is so huge that even when there is a raid by the police they can only raid one section at a time. So, by the time they raid one section, the others are tipped off in the building and the girls are hidden. It's just a never ending process. It makes me sick to think of how dirty it is on the outside and then imagine how dirty it is on the inside. I honestly just prayed to God as we drove by, that he would have this building fall to the ground. Somehow keep the girls safe and let them escape, but just have the building fall to pieces.

Tonight we met all the girls, the staff, James and Athena, Dave and Ben, and Joanna at Khmer Surin for dinner. There was a total of 41 people there. Reservation for 41 anyone? I posted once about this place in my earlier blogs. It serves amazing traditional Khami food. The girls had a blast hanging out and having good food. I'm pretty sure the entire resturant knew we were there because we were so loud. Lots of laughing and squealing, some dancing, oh and lots of pictures. It was just pure fun to see the girls having such a good time.

The three of us just finished tye dyeing our t-shirts. With all the craziness last night we didn't get time to tye due our own t-shirts. So, we just set up shop in Joanna's hotel room. Now were all exhausted. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

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